Clean Room Technology

Developing the Concept:

Based on the individual wishes of the customer RT Reinraumtechnik works out a detailed concept. The company pays special attention to observing the GMP standards and other local norms and regulations, including fire safety and hygiene standards, environment protection laws. Owing to years of experience we can work out a fairly accurate total cost of the project at the planning stage.


Detailed construction plans are developed using modern 3-D computer technology. At this stage all of the elements are already integrated into the system, so we can place orders for all of the necessary components. Detailed preparation of the qualification documents rounds up the design phase.

Delivering the System Unit:

System units or part-components are delivered in accord with the GMP standards. Single components include high-quality clean ceiling and floor systems, air-conditioners, coolers, heaters, steam and compressed air systems, as well as the systems of control. Electrical and sanitary installations, clean water installations and CIP systems may also be part of the general delivery.

Installation and Building Site Coordination:

RT Reinraumtechnik carries out total or partial installations. Precise coordination of activities on the building site insures high performance and reliability.

System Start-Up and Qualification Procedure:

A team of experienced technicians starts up and sets controls for the entire system.
The system undergoes the required qualification procedure in accord with the GMP standards.

Training and Servicing:

RT Reinraumtechnik provides quality training for the maintenance staff. The terms of maintenance and servicing for all of the utilities are documented in detail, and if necessary can be performed by our local associates.

RT-Reinraumtechnik also carries out sub-orders for projects.